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“ OMG… it’s almost here..!

Construction of our long waited 1,000kg passenger lift for The Office Block is almost complete and should be operational at the end of this week.


 “Early days… Storm drains get re-routed and the foundations go down…”

The passenger lift (supplied by Harwell Lifts)…

“will provide convenient 1st floor access for all occupiers and visitors of the building, including persons with disabilities…”

The final works will be completed over the next 10 days and include:

  • Cladding the exterior of the lift shaft.
  • Sheeting the front façade and underside of the newly formed canopy structure that covers the main entry.
  • Builders works to the ground and 1st floor entry points to the lift and finally
  • Weight testing and commissioning of the lift itself.


“The lift shaft is erected…”

We apologise for the delay in completing the lift. As the project developed, we decided it would be beneficial to construct a canopy over the main entry to offer weather protection. The canopy structure needed careful design and engineering which contributed to the delay.

“We thank you for your patience and appreciate everyone for working with us during the works…”

 “Remaining works… Lift shaft and canopy to be cladded…”