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Horticulturalist’s or simply pot enthusiast’s, you will love it

“Horticulturalist’s or simply pot enthusiast’s, you will love it…”

It’s a green haven and to me, it looks like a miniture version of Jurassic Park, without the dinosaurs…...

“A massive variety of common and unusual plants hang from rusty old gates…”


 “Everywhere you look there is something original…”

Plants are displayed on recycled period furniture and stands. There is pottery to go with your indoor tropical garden from imported to locally handmade on site, by emerging creatives. The price-point, covers a variety of budgets…

One of Sue McKell’s business principles (founder of Plant Empire), is:

“to promote local creatives…, some of which are based at the adjoining Station Road Creative Precinct…”



You can choose from ceramic pieces made by Jane Du Rand Ceramics, pottery by Bonnie Hislop, or timber items from Oak & Hide and Hourglass Woodwork all of which are based on site.


“The stalagmite hanging pots are amazing…”

Not sure if that is the correct terminology, but that is what we call them.

It is certainly a fun place to visit. Sue has cleverly combined her plants with new, old and creative items.

“It’s like stepping back to a bygone era…”

Not only satisfied with setting up a truly unique plant and creative oasis, Sue has expanded her newly formed business to include 3 monthly pop-up markets

“So, like to shop???”

“The next one is Sunday 1st December…!”

Sue is able to do this, as she also rents a 200sqm multifunctional space (Unit 5) on the southern side of Adonis Café.

Not only does it increase the range of plants on offer but now facilitates events, workshops and various classes, some, of which are offered by independent third-party operators.

Is Yoga your thing… or starting a creative ceramic course…?”


The space is available for short term hire. You can even book your wedding function here…….?

Being next to Adonis Café, you can kill two birds with one stone…a leisurely lunch walked off, exploring new unique Christmas gift ideas at Plant Empire… 

Facebook: plantempire 

Instagram: theempireplantsback 

Website: plantempire.com.au (use the code SPRING19 to join one of our yoga, pilates or meditation classes).